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A Real Hard P.U.S.H.

Hello J Spot!

My question today is….

What are you P.U.S.H.’ing through?

When I went off to college and even after that, every time I called my mother to share something going on in my life that I perceived as hard or ultimately insurmountable, she always told me the same thing, “Jenine, P.U.S.H.  Pray Until Something Happens.”  And time she said it, I would.  Early on, as I would try to heed my mother’s advice, the stress was all over my face; the pressure I was under was evident in my voice and I reeked of the stress I was under.  Then, somewhere along the way, I realized that while I was acting like I was P.U.S.H.’ing, if everyone could tell that I felt like my world was upside down, then I really wasn’t.

So I changed.  Just like that I decided that it wasn’t OK for others to know how the stresses of life were getting me down.  I started to behave how I thought one might when they were P.U.S.H.’ing.  I put energy into my actions.  Even when I was exhausted, I behaved as though it was all good.  Then suddenly, I started to talk to people who were doing the same thing.  They were walking and talking like it was all good until it really was just that….all good!

We are a community of like-minded individuals, who may not all be headed to the same destination, but we are all on a journey.  So I ask again….

What are you P.U.S.H.’ing through?

At the J Spot, I can start the conversation, but it takes your thoughts, ideas and love to make it grow.  So, take the risk, leave a comment below where it says “Leave Your Contribution to the Community…”  Let us support you on the journey to finding your passion.